Case Studies

Ownership Formation, Financing, Building Design, Demolition & Construction

Office buildings across the region face the prospect of obsolescence, and an owner may decide to replace an aged building. The prospect of navigating the myriad of obstacles involved requires a talented contingent of professionals working for the developer, including legal counsel who provides the necessary legal framework for each of the steps in the …

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Limitations to the District of Columbia Right of Initiative

Appellate litigation before a Court of Appeals is a component of litigation which requires a special expertise. Preparing a concise and persuasive brief which focuses the legal issues, combined with a thorough preparation for oral argument (and inevitable questioning by the Judges) are the cornerstones of an affective appeal. Mark Policy is well-recognized as an …

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Polo in Virginia- A Real Estate, Financing and Land Use Case Study

Panning Photo of Person Riding on Horse

Loudoun County, Virginia, places an emphasis on maintaining agricultural uses in the western portion of the County, in order to prevent over-development and maintain green space. When the operator of polo grounds, which attracts competitors from North and South America, found themselves in financial trouble, a group of private investors turned to the Firm’s real …

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