Greenstein DeLorme & Luchs, P.C.

Greenstein DeLorme & Luchs COVID-19 Operating Status

We want to assure our clients and colleagues that GDL is working hard to ensure that the firm is fully operational at all times. The COVID-19 virus is altering the daily routines of millions of Americans and GDL will be flexible in its approach to performing the work of our clients in light of these challenges. GDL is monitoring the pandemic situation and utilizing our business continuity plans to maintain our operations and abide by the recommendations of the CDC and other governmental advisories. Our goal is to stay well informed, plan and adjust as things change, and not to over/under react.

Our ability to communicate to our clients, colleagues, vendors, and information sources are flexible enough to extend to remote locations. Our email, phone, research and document management systems provide real time connectivity to each attorney and staff member. Should we need to employ any change to our ordinary business routine, we will update this message to inform you of the changes.

GDL very much appreciates the trust our clients put in our abilities and we will continually strive to provide first class services despite the turbulent time. We wish everyone the best.

Thank you very much.

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