Developing Special Event and Public Art Projects

The DC Metro area is coming alive with new approaches to use indoor and outdoor space to display art and provide great experiential events. GDL has negotiated a series of significant and unusual signage, pop-up retail and special event agreements. Here is a short listing:

  • To provide temporary beer gardens.
  • To install and operate huge HD video advertising signage adjacent to Nationals Park
  • To facilitate the placement of live television camera feeds atop an office tower in Rosslyn.
  • To permit cultural events such as Laser Cat. Laser Cat is Washington Project for the Arts massive, feline-shaped, multi-media art installation in the Navy Yard district that projected live DJ music and crowd-funded creative works from all over the world through the giant cat’s laser-beam eyes.
  • To bring Cavalia to Crystal City, with it’s big-top circus tent show that featured more than 50 entertainers using over 80 tons of equipment and 100 horses, including provisions for the use and stabling of the horses on-site for several months.
Greenstein DeLorme & Luchs, P.C.